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fresssssh - CrossTown H.S. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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fresssssh [Apr. 14th, 2005|12:43 pm]
CrossTown H.S.


Check out this rap-ish thing i did for 8bitrapbattle
totally RCR inspired...

</span> From a quick stop at Merv's Burger Joint
Where you get smiles for free
I'm bringin' back the 8-bit old-skool
And hear this from me...

Just like the Frat Guys in River City
What you bring to the table is nothin' but shitty
Lemme tell ya like Alex and Ryan
With your rhymes, too hard you're tryin'

Me? myself, I got the Techno Belt
And with my lead pipe i'll leave a welt
With the Texas Boots from Happy Feet Shoes
Soon, like Slick, you'll be singin' the blues

Cause i'll be hittin' up the hotties
In Pop's Health Club we'll be gettin' naughty
Uppin' my Stamina, Defense, and Max Power
All the while with her in the shower

So don't cry, and don't be blue
Even if you're like the Generic Dudes
Ya just gotta chill and hang loose
And at least you're not like that fool Moose